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Abstract Art & Artist's Blog

Showcasing a gorgeous contemporary art portfolio of abstract paintings and featuring large, vibrant canvases, abstract landscapes, still-life, and luscious small works on canvas and paper. Created by an established Canadian artist and professionally critiqued for the discerning collector. Unhindered by conceptual interpretation, absolute abstraction promotes a deeper response to the very basics or building blocks of any artform: colour, composition, line, texture, etc. It invites you to look deeper into a world beyond conscious thought. See blog post The Creative Mindspace

It can be found that this penetrating level of appreciation enhances life in every way in terms of how one perceives the world in general. Thus art can provide a sense of unity.

abstract ACRYLIC painting: SUNNY BLUES by W. Skog

Sunny Blues acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 in. © W. Skog

What does abstract art do for the world?

Art in any form, whether it's a painting, print, drawing, or three dimensional artform is essential to our well-being. Abstract art, also known as formalist art, circumscribes the amity beneficial to the entire planet because it unites us through a common global language. Art is available to us in many ways. Mother Nature is the prima donna of artists, although you won't see her artwork in a gallery. Her palette can't be surpassed for colours that are pleasant to live with and they are always balanced, bright colours serving as accents against more neutral or earth tones. In the world of fine art, usually the most visually successful artists emulate the colours of the natural environment. Earthtones are naturally appealing.

abstract acrylic painting: ROGUE RED by artist W. Skog
Rogue Red acrylic on canvas painting 22 x 30 in. © W. Skog

A State of Wonder

But what is it exactly that has such appeal in art? Do you sometimes feel so drawn into a painting that you reach a point of true fascination? How does the artist accomplish this? How are fine art and creativity related both for the artist and the viewer? When an artist creates a successful painting, he/she is carried to an inspired state in the process. This is a state of artistic 'flow' and it is a fleeting thing that everyone has experienced. The individual who has experienced this and in the spirit of creative inspiration has desired to capture this flitting, shining thing 'in a jar' so that it can be shared with others is called an artist.

original art has presence

Transcendent benefits of abstract art?

The viewer too, quite unknowingly enters into the realm of creativity when he/she makes a small effort to appreciate the artwork visually and processes it in parts of the brain that, in our present-day culture, usually don't get much exercise. This feels good! All art collectors have figured out that this feeling good thing that comes through art is worth the investment. Above all, abstract art through all of it's nuanced content never loses its visual appeal. That is the mystery of abstract art.

Explore the Abstract Painting Portfolio

Prepare to be amazed.

There is a wide selection of paintings for viewing, mostly acrylic on canvas paintings, oils, prints, and both small and very large canvases. Whatever wall space you have, whatever colors you need, whatever styles you prefer, you are certain to find fresh, contemporary art on this website. Go ahead, explore!

Each one of the following visual art gallery sections begins with 'active' paintings meaning they are available followed by 'archived' work which is sold, as you page through the portfolio of paintings:

Currently featured abstract paintings on canvas:

acrylic on canvas abstract painting: CIRCADIAN RHYTHM
Circadian Rhythm acrylic on canvas 77 x 34 in. © W. Skog

To truly appreciate art you need to approach it at eye level so that your entire visual field is encompassed. This painting is large enough to easily delight the eye in a scale suitable for a feature wall. I have included it in the lyrical abstraction section of my artist's portfolio as it was inspired by the rhythms and subtle tones of nature and captures a poetic moment of a foggy west coast day. It has an atmospheric softness and gentleness that enhances a room without overwhelming it.
The smaller formats like the square paintings below are astonishing focal points to enliven a wall.

acrylic on canvas painting: PREVAILING WINDS
Prevailing Winds
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 in.
© W. Skog
acrylic on canvas painting: TRANSIT NOTES
Transit Notes
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 in.
© W. Skog


The artwork that I have created is priced the same whether you are a prince or a pauper, whether sold from the studio or art gallery. I combine size guidelines with my subjective evaluation of each piece taking into consideration size, medium, aesthetic characteristics, emotional connection, etc. to arrive at a fair price point, additionally based on my historical career as an artist. Over the years prices have increased -- good news for investors. As a general guideline a small piece 10 x 10 in. will be approximately $800, a medium piece will be approximately $3600 to $4000, and very large pieces will be around $6000 to $7000. Of course there will be graduated prices in between. Paintings marked NFS (not for sale) are presently being held in family collections. Please feel free to contact me for the details and prices of pieces that interest you. No obligation. I will not hound you for a sale but will answer your inquiry promptly.

art blogs: intimate, inside stories

Usually painting in the abstract genre is the only language you need but when I feel excessively creative, I like to write about it too. Get some coffee, get comfortable, relax and read a few blog posts about art by an artist.

Flying Colors Fine Art Blog Posts by W. Skog

Original archival prints

Recently I have created a body of new work in the medium of archival limited edition prints on hand molded cotton rag papers and specially prepared metal plates. These are original collectible prints, NOT reproductions of artwork. Editions of 10.

fine art limited edition print: ON VACATION
On Vacation
pigment ink on sugar cane paper
16 x 16 in.
limited edition print
© W. Skog
fine art limited edition print: THE IMPOSSIBLE FOREVER
The Impossible Forever
pigment ink on metal.
16 x 20 in. limited edition print
© W. Skog

Meet the Artist

Wendy Skog is a contemporary abstract artist, creating fine art abstract paintings in Victoria BC Canada. Influenced by the New York school of painters, her painting process is a flowing record of intuitive interaction with the canvas toward a unifying pictorial conclusion. Her organic abstract forms are rendered in a painter's minimalist's approach. Skog's abstract paintings are unique in the perfect balance of space, color, form, line, and color field.

...preserving the mystery that's there before a painting becomes
something and tells you everything about itself...

The Wendy Skog abstract art studio is located in Victoria BC Canada.

Ph: 250-474-7328 Tues. - Sat. noon to 5 pm.

If you would like more information, or if you are an interior designer, art consultant, dealer, or gallery and would like to keep in touch please send me your contact information through the form below. You will receive new painting and print images, general studio information and my personally created Flying Colors Newsletter before anyone else. (easy to unsubscribe)

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