The Art of Deception

Guernica painting

Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Have you noticed an epic deadly game being played before our eyes – as long as they are not shut. It's an international game played all over the world and features 2 teams powerfully at war with each other. They are called the Purebloods and the Modblods. All the sheeple in the bleachers are afraid because they don't know who will win and moreover, who should win. It is a life and death game and 8 billion people are at risk, hanging in the balance. It is a game of winner take all.

Game On!

The playing field as I have said is globally universal, a metaverse, and the 2 teams are going at it with fervor and determination. On the surface it looks like the game is similar to football or soccer because it is played with a ball that is perfectly spherical although with spikes sticking up all round the peripheral surface. Looking at the scoreboard, it appears not to be an equal Battle but one powerful, colossally sponsored WEFFY team pitted against an underdog. The underdog is interesting in that he is often referred to by government officials and their partners as sub-human, a second class person, and a murderer with non-citizenship status. Psychiatric help is sometimes recommended. Under certain circumstances the underdog has been removed from his place of employment, forbidden to appear in public places or to climb aboard aircraft with any Modbloods. They are virtually voiceless except for anguished whispers from the shadows that are often unnoticed or overlooked or dismissed as inane, unrealistic, uninformed, retrogressive. Who would cheer for them?

Who are the Modbloods?

Vitruvian Man limited edition print

Vitruvian Man and Guests limited edition print
pigment ink on archival sugar cane paper
17 x 22 in.© W. Skog
One of my original prints illustrating what Leonardo Da Vinci believed to be a divine connection between the human form and the universe. Observed here by the new humans.

On the other hand, have the sponsors of the Modbloods violated certain tenants of moral conduct? They have an awesome advantage as top dogs, occupying esteemed positions everywhere in the world playing field. One was even knighted by King Chuck! They are championed in beautiful fairy tale bed time stories in the news and are the clear favourite of the masses because they can redefine justice, and offer freedom from disease, unemployment, economic tribulation, social ostracism... What a beautiful world! The Modbloods are signalling in the advent of futuristic technology including the digitization of humanity. Has humanity outlived its usefulness?

artificial intelligence

Perhaps they have already achieved the deft and devious transformation of the innocent to a new species which has been referred to as 'homo borg genesis' with a new genetic composition. Welcome to Humanity 2.0, the upgraded human body. They have possibly achieved 'gain-of-function' dissimulation.

So there's the uber-agressive Modbloods on the playing field. It is a deadly game. Many are even dying, dropping dead suddenly, even children among those. To an untold degree. This necessarily introduces some cognitive dissonance in the form of suspended disbelief of their secret weaponry. But there is widespread reassurance that the Modbloods are the team to support with your very life.

The stakes are high, higher than any extinction event ever in the history of the world which obviously mankind has survived. But now, the God of the Purebloods is not often respected, acknowledged, or apparently required because 'Divine Human Entities' are taking over the task of guiding and bio-enginering the world's population through these troubling times. What a relief! Of course this also pertains to all organic life, of animals and plants included for re-mediated reconfiguration.

The DNA molecule,the program for all life.

drawing of dna

Worldy Possessions

our worldly possessions

A new one world 'religion' of singularity has arrived benevolently proposed by the Modbloods for your betterment as human beings. We need a new story! If they win the game you will not have to be concerned with personal freedom, moral conduct, ethics, material ownership or the search for enlightenment. And you will be happy, they say. Who needs to own a car, house, bank accounts? Too much stress? Artificial intelligence will free us from all human desire, creativity, social responsibility, voluntary choice, and aspiration. Man and machine will become indistinguishable from one another. Or perhaps they have already essentially merged, overshadowing and eclipsing humanity. How clever we are to have created our own replacement!

How are babies made?

artificial womb factory

In fact we won't have to go through the inconvenience and discomfort of procreation but will simply grow our baby in a lab. We are promised an artificial womb facility that will be able to grow 30,000 babies a year and can be designer created with the new CRISPr genetic technology. Have you ever even imagined such utopian privilege? Re-inventing evolution has such benefits! This is the goal of the Modbloods. Will they win?

“The intact preservation of our shared inherited genetic structure is both the foundation of the human race and the guarantee of its survival and continuance.” - Dr. Guy Hatchard author of the Hatchard Report

True of False?

What is truth? Are there facts and also alternate facts? Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality. Or is truth what everyone agrees to be true? Can there be mass deception and the distortion of truth? When you sort through all the data confetti in the mockingbird media there seem to be some Really Big Lies.

question mark
planet earth

This image shows a world in peril. During a virtual appearance at the 2023 World Economic Forum in United Arab Emirates Elon Musk addressed the importance of preserving humanity because “it is like a tiny candle in a vast darkness, and a very vulnerable tiny candle that could easily be blown out".

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